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Come Escape the ordinary

gel sıradanlıktan kaç

Mission Statement

Since its conception, Trient Press has always 

been about more than 

just meeting author expectations, 

we’ve always aimed to exceed them. 


Trient Press has a simple mission statement:


Trient Press is a publishing company 

focused on producing high-quality, 

ORIGINAL e-books, paperbacks, and hardcovers, which exceed our author clients’ needs and goals. 


We support creative, non-hateful expression across multiple fictional genres. 


We care about your publishing success and will work tirelessly to meet your goals and get your book in the hands of readers everywhere. 

This mission statement has grown to include the international community as well. Adding to it our first international location that will be in the wonderful country of Turkey.

Authors of Trient Besmak

Stay tuned for the introduction of all of Turkish authors. In addition, please be on the lookout for our current collection coming to the Turkish language.

Current in House Services 

Services offered are only for authors who have signed contracts with Trient Press At zero cost to the authors.


Distibuting finished works to online retailers


Getting the edited books ready for print 

Book Covers

Book covers for Hardcover, paperback, e-book and foreign languages are offered. Authors do have the option to bring their own that they have bought from another supplier


All books will be offered in several languages. To date those languages, include: Scotts Gaelic, Irish, Hungarian, Italian, Franch, German, Dutch, Spanish 

Expansion Services 

Services offered would be only for authors who have signed contracts with Trient Press at zero cost to the authors.


 Developmental Editing · Structural Editing · Editorial Assessment · Line Editing · Copy Editing · Proofreading · Substantive Editing · Fact-checking 

Social Media Marketing

This is also known as PA services for authors.


Both local and national book signings as well as Trient Sponsored Expos


from social media marketing to booking interviews.

All services would be offered to Non-Trient authors for a fee depending on the service. Packages would be compiled at a later time.

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