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Trient Press
Printing & Distribution

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Trient Press

Trient Printing and Distribution (TP&D) will focus on the printing of books, magazines and other media on-site, leading the way using mostly green-energy in its printing, cutting, and binding, while also keeping the carbon footprint below industry standards without cutting corners on quality or production speeds. Following the printing and binding, printed materials will then be entered directly into the distribution channel to be delivered to the ultimate reader or user.

Contract Examples 

All listed GOV. contracts are expired and are shown for demonstrational purposes. Similar contracts can be easily obtained after the opening of the factory.

Ecotone Magazine Printing and Distribution 

 Fire Department Text Books

Binding services

Library Books

Offset Printing & Finishing Services for Bulldog Print + Design

Printing of Arboretum Magazine

World Languages & Cultures Textbooks & Primary Instructional Resources.

Printing & Publishing of University of Utah Magazine

MIL DEPT - Construction Project Printing & Distribution

Printing of Forms.

Printing of the 2022 Cerritos Community Calendar

Asheville-Buncombe Tech Community College Student Handbook 


  • Paperback

  • Stapled 

  • Spiral ringed


  • Multiple single leaf

  • Correlated

  • doubled sided


  • High Gloss

  • Standard

  • Luxury

  • Matted finish

Coming Soon

  • More coming soon

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