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Investor Relations


Preferred Equity Stock

You've heard about Trient. Now invest in it! Get involved with one of the world's hottest startups today by investing in our Preferred Equity Stocks, available at special rates exclusively through this offer. Get 6,579 shares today before it hits the exchange.

All Stocks are Listed on for shareholder management

Each block is of 6,579 shares is 0.0013158% of Trient Press

You must sign a PPM, Private Investment Contract and a STOCKHOLDER TO CORPORATION LOAN AGREEMENT within 24 hours of purchase or funds will be returned to you.

For all required documents including those from Cake Equity  (who handles our investor stock relations and) Please e-mail us at

SEC Filings

Letters of Incorporation

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Executive Summary 

Trient Press Business Plan


June Benchmarks

Market Cap

Shareholder agreement, PPM and / or Vest Agreement available upon request 

June Updates 

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